Through Broken Walls

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Halfway between San Fransisco and Napa, in the town of American Canyon, lie the abandoned ruins of a cement factory that closed in 1978. Since then, the walls have crumbled and the ceilings have fallen in. Foxes run along the roads and a Great Horned Owl circles in the empty rooms, the tiny bones of a thousand dinners crunching underfoot.

It was to this incredible spot, accessible with only a little breaking and entering and a bit of a hike, that Adam Gross of Benaiah Art Photo took me a few weeks back. The lighting was perfect, and I refrained from chasing Western Fence Lizards long enough to capture a little of the wonder of the place.

There is something so incredible about a world where nature has reclaimed her own, rising up in revolt against things as seemingly solid and timeless as these imposing walls. It is a vision to me of what is to come, the world returning to balance in the absence of humanity. Here are some postcards from after the apocalypse, notes from a future of rabbits and blackbackberries, of birdsong and the sound of iron rusting into dust.

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