VISA Goth: Hot in the City

Welcome to the VISA Goth summer footwear special. Like most of the spooky kids, I’ve pretty much stayed away from anything that could be considered summer footwear for many years. However, I just moved from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. Suddenly, my fairly ridiculous collection of over-the-top platform boots and unwalkable fetish heels seemed incomplete. There was nothing in any of these boxes that would allow me to traverse the million-degree Los Angeles pavement AND let my feet breathe! Gasp! A footwear conundrum for which I had no answer! Thankfully there is the Internet, which solves pretty much all of life’s problems.

So, if you’re the kind of girl who won’t be caught dead in Demonia (yes, they have some options. I’ll leave that to be your own dirty little secret), here are the best things I’ve found that stay gothy, fabulous, and cool- and you can still walk in them (well, kinda).

New Rock Platform Sandals

New Rock Platform Sandals, $55

WINNER! (which is to say, I bought ’em):

New Rock Platform Sandals

Comfy, airy, and they have a big giant metal skull on the front. How can you beat that? These don’t seem to be available on the New Rock site,

but I picked mine up new on eBay for $55

Shoes USA Thienna Platform

Shoes USA Thienna Platform, $289

WINNER! (Which is to say that Vampirabat bought them):

Shoes USA Thienna Platform

An awesome wedge without all that nasty cork shit everyone wants to stick on wedges these days. Yes, they come in black. Matte or patent. And burgundy. With variable heel heights.

A bit on the pricey side at $289, but they seem sturdy and well-made. We’ll test them out and report back!

Runner Up: (which is to say, I stand a strong chance of buying them if I actually get any work in this town any time soon)

Steve Madden Open-toe Bukled Boot, $99.95
Steve Madden Open-toe Buckle Boot
Steve Madden Open-Toe ‘Bukled’ boot:
I admit I’ve been displeased with quality of Steve Madden before- my last boots from them blew up in one hard night’s wear. But damn, these are cute.






Office Wedges

Office Wedge, 15 pounds

Special Mention: these super- affordable “WOW” wedges from Office
are a little on the plain side, but they’re also Hella on Sale and with a little bit of satin ribbon at the ankles, could be turned into something pretty cute.
Check in next time, when I go hunting for a proper parasol…


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