It came from the List of Craig

A month or so back, I was trolling the LA Craigslist ads when I came across an add for “actress to be ravaged by squid monster”. Now, this triggered both my Ed Wood love of B-movie monsters AND my tentacle fetish, so of course I had to respond. What I found was an idea so bad it was great, and the kind of project that encourages me to push my own boundaries. Sleazegroin Theater. B-movie horror jiggle videos, made for internet consumption. The sexy parts of horror movies (clothes torn off, groping undead hands, damsels in distress) without the bother of the rest of the script. Sometimes you push boundaries for the sake of art. But sometimes, it just sounds fun.

The outcome is two new videos available as paid downloads from SleazeGroin Theater. These are NOT hardcore videos. I don’t want anyone to be terribly disappointed. But they are a bit harder than what you are used to getting from me. They were also a shit ton of fun to shoot. I ended up naked in a garage, wrestling a fake squid in a pool of milk at two am. How could I possibly say no???

Also, I have a new set up on Headsick Pinups. They do have a small free gallery available. But, again with the bewbs…

Full gallery available at Headsick Pinups

Full gallery available at Headsick Pinups


2 Responses to “It came from the List of Craig”

  1. September 23, 2008 at 12:46 am

    But the lobby card is up on MySpace???!?!??!?

    Miss you!

  2. 2 VStampede
    September 23, 2008 at 6:50 am

    hahaha that sounds so awesome !

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