VISA Goth: The Art of Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping suggestions to make you look all hip with the kids, and feed the occasional starving artist while you’re at it.

Kathy Olivas/ My Plastic Heart

– Xmas just isn’t Xmas without toys. If you don’t feel like fighting the lines at Kid Robot, My Plastic Heart is an art gallery/toy store that offers a great selection of vinyl figures, mini figures, and plush toys, along with magazines, prints and original art. I also love that many of the figurines also come “DIY” style- unpainted, so you can customize them yourself- and so can some fabulous artists! Here is one by Kathy Olivas that makes me giggle.


The Tea Party, by Julie West
“The Tea Party”, by Julie West

Sickly Sweet: for the teacup and cupcake crowd.

Julie West has some great stuff on her site! With Giclee prints at $125 and Gocco prints at $25, there is also a nice range of prices.

To please the same demographic on less cash, check out CuteAbility‘s etsy shop for tea- and cupcake-themed jewelry.


Summer scents, Noferin, $30


Also on the cute and artsy front, Noferin has some small, affordable limited-edition Giclee prints on their website. “Scents of Summer”, $30.





Bird on a Branch
“Bird on a Branch”, $11.90

Stickers for your Toilet. It’s a weird idea, but the vinyl stickers from this cute couple from Tel Aviv really perk up a commode! With vector art inspired designs plus octopus, unicorn, and panda patterns, this is hipster homemaking at it’s best. They also make laptop decals. But that’s not nearly as awesome.


Brian Despain iPod skin
Brian Despain iPod skin

Gele-skins makes iPod covers with a wide selection of great contemporary and lowbrow art. (Note to parents: Skip the Escher and HR Geiger covers and give your little Gothling the Travis Louie skin for extra cool points.)





Etsy is awesome for holiday cards and ornaments that don’t suck. (Click picture for link)

Christmas Dearie Card, 10 pack, $40
“Christmas Dearie” Card, 10 pack, $44
Zombie christmas Cards, 20 pack, $22
Zombie Christmas Cards, 20 pack, $22
Christmas in Black Ornament, $10
“Christmas in Black” Ornament, $10

2 Responses to “VISA Goth: The Art of Holiday Shopping”

  1. 2 Nathan lofties
    November 25, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    The toilet graphics are neat. Thanks!

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