A Matter of Scale

As some of you may know, I have a serious fascination with all things small. From chihuahuas to those tiny cupcakes at Whole Foods, I get giddy over the little things in life. Yesterday I discovered the amazing miniature worlds of Tessa Farmer over on Chloe St. Reagan’s blog, Shoplifting in a Ghost Town. These are somehow made with tree roots, which just boggles my mind. You can see the scale- that’s a bee.

Other tiny things I’m in love with right now:

12th scale trepanning set

Deb Jackson‘s historical miniatures have plenty of poison boxes and apothecaries, but it is her tiny implements of torture and antique medical implements that really take the cake. Tiny dunking chair? Tiny joint-crushing screw? Tiny Vapors of Fetid Graveyards? Pictured: 1/12 scale trepanning set.

More Medical Miniatures

More Implements of Torture

These wee apothecary jars were a custom job from Porcelain Fantasies, who also sell blanks so that you can paint and label them yourself. They also made a custom bleeding dish for the same setup!

Tiny condensing jar with stand

Tiny condensing jar with stand

How about incredibly perfect little lab equipment for the tiny mad scientist? Ray Storey Lighting, which otherwise provides perfectly sensible dollhouse lamps and lighting fixtures, just so happens to also carry not just beakers and Bunsen burners, but an array of glassware that would make any tiny meth lab proud.

Kerri Pajutee makes extremely realistic miniature animals. Including taxidermy moose and the occasional flying monkey.

And, of course, no haunted dollhauz would be complete without a casket in the parlor, like this one from out buddies over at Pushin’ Daisies:


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