The Enemy

It is not often that I listen to a CD and immediately jack off. It just happened, with The Enemy’s “We Are The Enemy”.

At first when I looked the band up after hearing a few songs, I thought David Thrussel was the voice behind an entirely fake band . Their MySpace page had a lineup listed that appeared to be absolute bullshit, with pictures of some hipster kids, even though there is no way to hide Thrussel’s “I am fucking you in the ass right now and I’m about to come” voice, or his fuck-being-cool-I’m-pissed-off politics. (And I am very unsure which is hotter.) However, it appears that just to confuse me there are actually TWO bands called “The Enemy”, which appeared at roughly the same time, one in Austrailia (Thrussel’s) and one in the UK (filled with hipsters). Sad, as the hipster oen is currently on tour and for a minute I was really excited.

I hate to say it, but the last time a CD it hit me in the clit like this, it was another David Thrussel project, SNOG. It is really, really a shame that the man is not physically attractive. I call it Leonard Cohenitis. It’s why girls think Nick Cave is hot (actually, Nick Cave IS hot, except in profile, when it all goes to Hell).


4 Responses to “The Enemy”

  1. 1 Ferretbite
    January 18, 2009 at 7:18 am

    Ok now I’m intrigued…

  2. June 7, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    Incendiary material, this review.

    Here comes the point where I could praise your skill as a writer — your adept ability to pique a reader’s attention by inciting desire. (Ewww. Internal rhyme absolutely unintentional– please forgive.)

    By that same token, this probably would also be an appropriate time to compliment your machete-sharp skill at cutting to the sloppy wet center of arousal “from the get”: a syllabic sense of daring that skips right to the wordfuck of it all with a radioactive intensity that sends my blood rushing.

    Instead, I’ll try to keep this comment brief, not “let my reach exceed its grasp” — so Victorian, that sensibility

    and say:

    It works and it werks…soon enough, we’ll see if I also need a good yank of the crank
    as I’m off in (AHEM) hot pursuit of the tuneage now…

    Yours in Kink and Ink,

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