Dog With Coconut


Today I received in the mail a box containing a CD marked, oddly, “Dog With Coconut”. Hoorah! Vacation pictures from my partner in crime, Fractal. The only person who would have been as excited about a run-down Costa Rican mortuary as I was.


When traveling to foreign countries, I highly reccomend not lugging a camera with you. They are heavy, expensive, and eternally prone to falling into ponds, getting stolen by erstwhile nice-looking grandmotherly types, or being left behind on various forms of public transportation. Instead, invite your photographically inclined friends to go on vacation with you. This way you have a record of your adventures without all the fuss.


Fractal hauled not one, but an entire duffel bag full of various cameras (mostly plastic ones circa 1987, some of which are held together with such technological innovations as rubber bands and cleverly folded bits of cigarette packs) around with us, along with a plethora of expired film. This may seen absurd in this newfangled digital age, but it is the only way to acheive vacation photos that actually look like they were taken in the mid-1970’s:


a few more after the jump…





2 Responses to “Dog With Coconut”

  1. 1 Nikki
    November 5, 2009 at 7:36 am

    Really want to go play there now. Looks absolutely beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing sweet tart

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