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Dog With Coconut


Today I received in the mail a box containing a CD marked, oddly, “Dog With Coconut”. Hoorah! Vacation pictures from my partner in crime, Fractal. The only person who would have been as excited about a run-down Costa Rican mortuary as I was.


When traveling to foreign countries, I highly reccomend not lugging a camera with you. They are heavy, expensive, and eternally prone to falling into ponds, getting stolen by erstwhile nice-looking grandmotherly types, or being left behind on various forms of public transportation. Instead, invite your photographically inclined friends to go on vacation with you. This way you have a record of your adventures without all the fuss.


Fractal hauled not one, but an entire duffel bag full of various cameras (mostly plastic ones circa 1987, some of which are held together with such technological innovations as rubber bands and cleverly folded bits of cigarette packs) around with us, along with a plethora of expired film. This may seen absurd in this newfangled digital age, but it is the only way to acheive vacation photos that actually look like they were taken in the mid-1970’s:


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Nixon Presents: The Bone Room Presents

So, I’ve been a slacker at posting here, mostly because I’ve been hella busy and any posting I’ve done has gone into Haute Macabre.

What have I been busy with? Reinventing the salon. Not the sort one gets one’s hair done at, but theĀ  16th and 17th-century ideal of a gathering place for artists and intelligentsia, a place for cross-pollination of ideas and a mingling of the best and the brightest minds around. It’s an interesting concept, and a tough one to do: how do you pull together interesting people under one roof, and begin to form the sort of community in which a free flow of ideas and creativity just naturally happens?

Meet my new baby: The Bone Room Presents. A gallery by day, and space for author talks, lectures, classes and gatherings by night, all tied together with a single theme: Natural History.


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Also, I will be constantly on the lookout for artists to show in the gallery, as well as for people who will be in the Bay Area to give academic lectures, authors to speak and sign books, and people with interesting skills to give classes. Write me if you would be interested in becoming a part of the project! So far, our Grand Opening was an artist reception for engraver Sharon Augusta Mitchell, and a reading, talk, and book signing by the amazing Mary Roach, author of Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers and Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex.

To give you some idea, here is a talk Mary did at this year’s TED conference, entitled “10 Things You Didn’t KNow About Orgasm”. Wait for the pig-diddling video. It’s AWESOME.


Dec/January update

So, I’ve been pretty much MIA from this site, mostly because I’ve been pouring my energy into getting Haute Macabre up and running and making sure there is enough content on it to keep interest up. It’s been getting TREMENDOUS response, so we’re in the process of building an actual website for it, as well, which is just as excruciating as I remember it being.

However, I figured an update was due:

Suicidegirls just put up a shop on Shopfick, which I don’t recommend as the prices are a bit higher than in the SG Shop. However, we did spend an entire day shooting ridiculous little videos for Shopflick, so if you’re bored you can watch me, Missy, Sash, Rigel, and Des make arsehats of ourselves trying to talk like QVC girls.

-Over at Zivity, I have a new set up- “Hollywood Babylon”, shot by FotoMark. If you still need a free Zivity trial membership- CLICK HERE!

My ad for Brimstone organics is currently a full two-page spread in the December issue of StatusInk– one guy liked the picture so much he had it permanently atatched:

Beyond that, I’ve spent the holidays in grand style- was back in SF for New Year’s and then off to Vegas to shoot machine guns! Now I’m back in Los Angeles, broke as Hell and jobless, but excited about heading back to the Bay come March.


It’s Getting Haute in Here

I would like to introduce you to Haute Macabre, a brand new dark fashion blog from the twisted brains of yours truly and her good buddy Samantha, dedicated to the way dark fashion should be (read, we hate mall Goths too). We are in beta right now, so feel free to leave us comments, suggestions, or presents. Or send us samples. We like that idea.

I will of course be continuing my VISAGoth column here as well.


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