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Photo Noir


What is it that makes a photograph ‘noir’? It’s a term that seems to get bandied about a lot lately, and used to mean any old black-and-white photo. First off, ‘Noir’ has a whole lot to do with lighting.  Film Noir was shot in high contrast black and white, often using low-key and chiaroscuro effects- using a single bright light to separate the foreground from the shadows. The results are purposefully eerie, especially if the subject is surrounded by deep shadows. You will see the same types of lighting in related genres as well- horror, for example, and German expressionist films (think Nosferatu), which are often considered the forerunners of film noir, although the two often seemed to feed back and forth.

Secondly, ‘noir’ has a great deal to do with subject matter. No matter how striking the lighting or how mysterious the shadows, a photo of a kitten is unlikeley to qualify at ‘noir’. Noir films were full of sexuality and violence, sometimes critiquing modern ‘moral ambiguity’ and sometimes seeming to fetishize it. The expressionist films dealt with dark material as well, although it was often handled through symbolism and hyperbole.

Photos by Ryder Makeup Labs





Lux Asthetic, 2008

Caged: Lux Asthetic, 2008

Edgar: I have an entertaining idea for you, my little night-bird. Why don’t you stand upright in the closet all night? You might fancy yourself walled up by mistake. It should prove exhilarating, and introduce you to unparalleled new sensations…

From Claustrophilia, by Amy Freed

Claustrophilia is Amy Freed’s subtly erotic play about Edgar Allen Poe and his child bride, Virginia. In her fictionalized account, the girl who inspired Annabel Lee becomes increasingly enthralled with confinement in small spaces and the freedom it gives her within her own mind. Night after night, she urges Poe to lock her in closets and nail her in barrels, smother her in blankets and tie her to chairs, and by day she recounts her journeys through internal landscapes.

Added to my Christmas wish list when it randomly appeared as I was Googling this:

Claustrophilia: The Erotics of Enclosure in Midieval Literature

Because really, noone did it better than those guys.


Cotton Candy Punk

Jesus, it’s been a week of wigs.

Not that I mind- after all, wigs an ultimate way to play dress-up, and I ended up missing them all those years with my dreads when there was NO way I was going to get them under a wig.

These are from Day Bright Studio in Hollywood.


Free Porn

Free Porn. It’s what makes the internet go round. And now, I have some for you! As heads towards it’s launch date in January, they are having a big push to get people to check out the site. For one thing, they’ve given the models and members a slew of free trial memberships to give away. So many that I’ve given them to most of my friends, and I still have a bunch left. So, I offer them to you, dear readers. Email me at “” or myspace me or comment here or at SG and leave me your email address (that part is important). Don’t worry, I won’t be saving them up for some horrid spamathon or anything. And, if you are reading this in a timely manner, I’ll even have your invite to you in time to check out my new set, Hardscrabble, which debuts tomorrow. Shot, BTW, by the lovely Fractal.

Nixon, Hardscrabble, on Zivity

Nixon, Hardscrabble, on Zivity


Purple is a fruit


Originally uploaded by suicidenixon

Did I mention that my new house is purple inside? That is my lilac wall. And my grape carpet. It pretty much rocks.

That is not my hot pink donut. It just came over to play.

This is actually a preview pic for a new set I just shot for Zivity. Called? You guessed it. “mmmmm…. Donut”

Photography by Mr. Joshua


It came from the List of Craig

A month or so back, I was trolling the LA Craigslist ads when I came across an add for “actress to be ravaged by squid monster”. Now, this triggered both my Ed Wood love of B-movie monsters AND my tentacle fetish, so of course I had to respond. What I found was an idea so bad it was great, and the kind of project that encourages me to push my own boundaries. Sleazegroin Theater. B-movie horror jiggle videos, made for internet consumption. The sexy parts of horror movies (clothes torn off, groping undead hands, damsels in distress) without the bother of the rest of the script. Sometimes you push boundaries for the sake of art. But sometimes, it just sounds fun.

The outcome is two new videos available as paid downloads from SleazeGroin Theater. These are NOT hardcore videos. I don’t want anyone to be terribly disappointed. But they are a bit harder than what you are used to getting from me. They were also a shit ton of fun to shoot. I ended up naked in a garage, wrestling a fake squid in a pool of milk at two am. How could I possibly say no???

Also, I have a new set up on Headsick Pinups. They do have a small free gallery available. But, again with the bewbs…

Full gallery available at Headsick Pinups

Full gallery available at Headsick Pinups


The Dawg Days of Summer

The first thing that happens is, a guy shows up on my doorstep who might as well be the illegitimate son of Ed Wood and John Waters. Then he describes what he does as “Twilight Zone Pinup”. So, of course, I’m pretty much sold. Then he picks me up in an old-school Jaguar with an overflowing cigarette tray and otherwise spotless interior.

Welcome to Foto Ray-Gun Mambo.

And that’s before he buys me the flocked ceramic dogs.


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