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Blown to Hell

This is all Sam’s fault.

She’s the one that made me read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened“, which basically is a memoir about someone whose childhood was almost as f$%&ed up as mine. But not quite.
For example, she talks about this one time when her crazy Dad set off an antique cannon to celebrate a holiday. OK, cool. That’s pretty weird, I’ll give you that.


The time my Dad wanted to set off a cannon for his birthday, all we had was a cannonball. So Dad shoved a half pound of gunpowder and said cannonball into a four-foot section of PVC pipe, stuck one end of it in the side of a small hill, dropped a flaming pack of matches into the open end, and told us all to run like Hell.  I have no idea what happened after that, because instinct took over and buy the time I heard the ‘BOOM’ I had barricaded myself indoors underneath the overturned sofa. Possibly locking the rest of the family outside on my way in. That’s OK, though. They were all assholes.

You want to know how I know they were all assholes?  The whole reason we had a cannonball to start with was because my grandparents, who lived at the very top of a big giant hill (like, many acres of hill) thought it was hilarious to roll the cannonball down the hill and watch their faithful and long-suffering German Shepherd fetch it back again. A cannonball. With his teeth. It would take him an hour to wrestle the damn thing the quarter-mile back up to the house, because a cannonball weighs like 20 pounds and is made of metal. And do you know what they would do when he finally made it to the top? I mean, once they had stopped whooping with laughter? They would roll it right back down their mini-mountain.

Which is why we had a cannonball. Also a fairly good explanation of why I don’t talk to that side of the family all that much any more.


Induced Epidemics at the Chaos Gallery

OK, I am SUPER excited about the confluence of AWESOME that is this weekend.

This is the first event  Samantha and I have produced. Saturday Night, at the Chaos Gallery in Los Angeles.

We are working with the folks from LA’s Museum of Death, who are not only the incredibly nice and creepy and fun, but also trusted me to take their beloved pet potbelly pig, Chaos, after he died and keep him for eight months while I took him apart and put him back together again as a skeleton. He’ll be at the show, too.

The artists for this event are AMAZING. I know, because we picked them. Not only did we get people like Hussar and Chad Michael Ward involved, and some of our close circle of brilliant and talented (Courtney Riot, Tim Kern, Cherry Vega), we also had an incredibly impressive group of submissions from Haute Macabre readers.

Thanks so much to everyone involved! Please come out to the opening on Saturday, or stop by the Chaos Gallery any time this month to check out the work. Also, Bar Sinister will be hosting the afterparty, giving anyone coming from the gallery half off admission at the door.  Even more reason to stop by!


Fuck It Up!

Heads Up! Pigface online listening party – new album finished! 

Hey! Join me tonight, Tuesday, June 9 at 8:00pm CST for an online Pigface listening party. I’ll be chatting online with Martin Atkins and other special guests while listening to the 6 – the new album.. 

This album has been a long time coming. Pigface started recording (and filming) at the very end of the Free For All tour – some 3.5 years in the making and five years since the last album. You’d better get your head on straight and listen to some of the new songs before the tour is announced!

To participate in the listening party go here: 
and click the big button that says enter the chat room. 


Photographing the Monster Under the Bed

Finally, childhood photography I can appreciate: the horror photography of Joshua Hoffine.


I’m Too Cheap to Buy You Something…

…but I can totally hit ‘send’. With the ecomony tanking and pretty much everyone pinching pennies this year, and with me being the out-of-work wonder, I’m eschewing Xmas cards and going the eCard route this year. And also because I found

Kinda like MarriedToThe Sea. But cards.


A Matter of Scale

As some of you may know, I have a serious fascination with all things small. From chihuahuas to those tiny cupcakes at Whole Foods, I get giddy over the little things in life. Yesterday I discovered the amazing miniature worlds of Tessa Farmer over on Chloe St. Reagan’s blog, Shoplifting in a Ghost Town. These are somehow made with tree roots, which just boggles my mind. You can see the scale- that’s a bee.

Other tiny things I’m in love with right now:

12th scale trepanning set

Deb Jackson‘s historical miniatures have plenty of poison boxes and apothecaries, but it is her tiny implements of torture and antique medical implements that really take the cake. Tiny dunking chair? Tiny joint-crushing screw? Tiny Vapors of Fetid Graveyards? Pictured: 1/12 scale trepanning set.

More Medical Miniatures

More Implements of Torture

These wee apothecary jars were a custom job from Porcelain Fantasies, who also sell blanks so that you can paint and label them yourself. They also made a custom bleeding dish for the same setup!

Tiny condensing jar with stand

Tiny condensing jar with stand

How about incredibly perfect little lab equipment for the tiny mad scientist? Ray Storey Lighting, which otherwise provides perfectly sensible dollhouse lamps and lighting fixtures, just so happens to also carry not just beakers and Bunsen burners, but an array of glassware that would make any tiny meth lab proud.

Kerri Pajutee makes extremely realistic miniature animals. Including taxidermy moose and the occasional flying monkey.

And, of course, no haunted dollhauz would be complete without a casket in the parlor, like this one from out buddies over at Pushin’ Daisies:


November/ December Upcoming Events

Suicidegirls book signing at Roccoco Rendevous

I’ll be gogo-ing Nov. 29th at Club Suicide (now at the Dragonfly).

The New Suicidegirls book, Beauty Redefined, is coming out. To help promote, I’ll be at the following signings in LA;

*December 4th at Roccocco Rendevous. (I’m gonna need a new Lolita dress!)
*December 6th at Club Suicide (now at the Dragonfly)
*December 11 at Meltdown Comics, 7 pm

-Check out the December issue of Status, INK for the big Brimstone Organics ad featuring yours truly, and shot by the incomparable Taye Lore.

 Status, INK December 2008


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