January 2009:
-I have a new set up on Zivity, “Hollywood Babylon” by FotoMark
December 2008:
-Launched: Haute Macabre
-The Status, INK issue featuring my ad for Brimstone Organics is on shelves now!
-Fractal shot a set of me for Zivity- this picture is from “Hardscabble”
November 2008:
Nixon Sixx with Ghristian Slater on My Own Worst Enemy
– I got dirty looks from Christian Slater on NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy. Watch it here. Blueblood also did an interview with me about my time on set, and put up a bunch of screen caps.
-My right arm also made a brief appearance on CSI. Oddly, no interview.
-I’ll be gogo-ing Nov. 29th at Club Suicide (now at the Dragonfly).
Suicidegirls book signing at Roccoco Rendevous

Suicidegirls book signing at Roccoco Rendevous

-The new Suicidegirls Book, Beauty Redifined, is coming out, so next month you can catch me at the folowing signings in the Los Angeles area:
*Demenber 4th at Roccocco Rendevous. I’m gonna need a new Lolita dress
*December 6th at Club Suicide (now at the Dragonfly)
*December 11 at Meltdown Comics, 7 pm
 Status, INK December 2008

Status, INK December 200

-Check out the December issue of Status, INK for the big Brimstone Organics ad featuring yours truly, and shot by the incomparable Taye Lore.


October 2008:

Nixon in Marquis Issue #44

– I am on shelves currently in Marquis Isue #44, along with Vampirabat and Serena Toxicat and designers Eirik Aswang and Antiseptic Fashions.

The Wizard of Gore is out on DVD!

I heard they even have it in the Wal-Mart in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.

No, I’m not kidding. It’s near Intercourse.

-You can also catch me in Larry Bishop’s new film Hell Ride, dancing on a motorcycle, and in upcoming episodes of CSI, My Own Worst Enemy, and 90210.

No, I’m not kidding about that either.


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