On the Subject of Calendars…

Yesterday I mentioned the difficulty involved in calendars, as WordPress does not support iFrames. There seemed to be a lot of hoopla about the difficulty involved in embedding a Google calendar onto WordPress. I tried a couple of the suggestions, but they were pretty convoluted, and I failed.

Then today I went to embed said Google calendar into my Myspace, only to discover a button on the same site that said “add to wordpress”.

So, for anyone in the same boat:

-Get out of Firefox. Safari worked fine.

-Go to your Google calendar and set the preferred view to “Agenda”. Go into “Calendar settings” (hit the pull-down menu by “My Calendars”, and get the XML calendar address.

-Go to Feedburner.com and sign in. Copy the XML from your google calendar into the box. Follow the instructions. There are a couple of tricks- in the “optimize” tab, click on the “Event Feed” link. This will give you the option to “choose only events in the future”. For most people, that sounds good.

-Now, under the big “Publicize” tab, choose “Headline Animator”. Futz around till it looks good, then hit “activate”. Now there should be a pull-down menu beside a red cros that says “Add to my Myspace, Typepad, etc.”. There’s a WordPress choice. 

-Follow their instructions for putting it in the text widget (UNDER the line, BTW).




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